td 1st Lt. EDWARD H. BRINLEY - Exec./CO. Recon Co. (deceased)

"Vivid memories for me in a word; WAR/COMBAT was: Hell, Confusing, and Misdirection most of the time."


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My Wartime nickname:

"Unknown" and probably unprintable!?!


1. Some funny things I remember about the war:

a. Who put the rocks in my bedroll along about Verdun?

b. Enjoying "snow ice cream" with Sgt. Turner just outside Bastogne in the middle of the night.


2. My memories of the way we lived:

Doing everything on the run, i.e. sleeping and eating etc. or not at all, certainly not enough at times.


3. Vivid memories for me in a word;

WAR/COMBAT was: "Hell", "Confusing", and "Misdirection" most of the time.


4. Memories of the countries I was in:

England-midlands and parts of London flattened and devastated, neat piles of reclaimed bricks surrounded by big holes. Very staunch people/friendly. N. Ireland-blacked out, poverty, poor roads, bicyclist had the right of way. People very friendly, stone huts with a hole in the roof for a chimney. Food very basic; little square rocks for potatoes and green powdered eggs. France-beautiful country side but undeveloped. It was like going back in time. Don't forget the honey bucket wagons. Luxembourg-Belgium. "The Bulge"-enough said. Strange people. Germany-"stunned"-It couldn't be happening to them", but it was happening to them!?!


5. Difficult thoughts:

Man's inhumanity to man..extermination camps..holocaust. We must never allow it to happen again, leaders such as: Hitler, Stalin, Hirohito..


6. I was proud to serve-5 years...2 years O.S.:

Because it made a difference.


7. My message is:

We must keep the USA strong and independent. Be proud of what we did and make sure what we are doing is something we can be proud of. There is still time to make a difference though we won't be around much longer. We are all lucky and thankful to be here.

My most sincere best wishes, Ed Brinley 

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