This roster was originally maintained by Mrs. Pauline Scott (deceased wife of Oril Scott-deceased "A" Co.). At that time photo-copiers were not available. Mrs.. Scott had to have someone type the rosters, thereby introducing a lot of mistakes.


Starting in 1975 she was assisted with this task by Oscar Gingrich (Recon Co.). Mr. Gingrich already had a typewriter and a mimeograph machine and compiled a card file. From that time on until 1986 Mrs. Scott (from the south) and Mr. Gingrich (from the north) exchanged info on changes to the roster.


Since Mrs. Scott's death in 1986, Mr. Gingrich has had sole responsibility for maintaining and distributing the rosters. He has used a word processor since 1997, further reducing the number of mistakes that appeared in previous rosters.  We have not included personal information such as current addresses or phone numbers on this web site but in many cases these are available if you will contact us.